Positive Behaviour Support

We are NDIS registered as specialist behaviour support practitioners, with extensive experience in supporting individuals and their network to address challenging behaviours.

Positive behaviour support is a strategy for improving the lives of people with disabilities or mental illness by addressing challenging behaviours. These behaviours can be diffcult to understand or predict, including acts of self-harm, property damage, and other forms of aggression. Someone who demonstrates this type of behaviour may be feeling frustrated because they do not know how else to express themselves. It can be hard for others to show their continued support when facing these challenging behaviours. Positive behaviour support develops strategies for identifying, preventing, and reacting to these behaviours in a way that focuses on encouragement and reduces personal restrictions.

We make sure that you are understood. We look at your environment and see what could be giving you diffculties. We work closely with those around you so that they can help too. All our effort is to give you more independence to choose the healthy options, redefine your relationships, and improve your quality of life.